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TL;DR We don’t want to access any sensitive data and fortunately CloudKit takes care of it.

The team at Shiny Frog cares about producing useful software for macOS, iOS, and Web. We don’t want to sell your personal_ information. In fact, we don’t want to access your data at all. That’s why Bear relies on Apple’s CloudKit technology to sync your notes.

Every piece of information stored within CloudKit is encrypted with Apple’s private keys, and we don’t have access to users credentials or any sensitive data. Every piece of data sent or received from CloudKit is transmitted over a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which ensures no one can read your notes during transmission.

We chose CloudKit instead of a file based solution like iCloud, DropBox, or Google Drive because it performs much faster. Plus, CloudKit doesn’t require any registration or login to work; it relies on your iCloud credentials already stored in your devices.

Choosing a solution like CloudKit opens up the possibility to add collaborative features and, eventually, possibly even a web version.

We may access anonymous, in-app usage statistics in order to improve Bear App, but none of those data carry any sensitive information.

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