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Bear can import files in the following formats:

  • .txt - Plain Text
  • .md - Markdown
  • .rtf - Rich Text Format
  • .textbundle - V2 Text Bundle (Text, Markdown, and attachments)
  • .textpack - V2 Compressed Text Bundle format
  • .enex - Evernote XML Export Format
  • .bearnote or .bear - Bear Note
  • .html - HTML files
  • Drafts entries

On macOS you can import your notes by selecting FileImport Notes… from the menu bar.

On iOS you can access to the importers using the menu in the sidebar.

The importers come with an option to keep the original dates of the imported files; you can also use the first line or the file name as title. However, when importing .bear files, the creation date is always used.

Import Markdown files with attachments

Due to some security limitations applied to Mac App Store apps, the Import Notes... can’t be used to import markdown files along with their attachments. However, it’s possible to use the FileImport FromMarkdown Folder.

You will be asked to choose a folder to import from and Bear will import all the .md files contained in the folder and its subfolders. All the attachments referenced by the markdown files, and available inside the folder or its subfolders will be imported.

To avoid involuntary imports We suggest moving your .md files and attachments to new folder before importing.

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