How to use tables in Bear

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Tables are a great way to organize and compare information in Bear notes. It’s easy to add a Markdown-friendly table to any note, expand its columns and rows, and style text in each cell.

Create a table

On Mac

  • Click the B/I/U button in the upper right of a note
  • In the formatting bar that appears below, click the table button

On iPad and iPhone

  • Tap the B/I/U button in the Keyboard Suggestions Bar at the bottom of your screen or on top of the on-screen keyboard
  • In the menu that appears, tap the tables button

Add rows and columns to a table

On Mac, iPad, and iPhone

  • Mouse over or click/tap a cell and tap the three dots menu on the right
  • Choose Add Row or Add Column

Tips & Things to Know

  • Text in the top row of a table is always bold to serve as category titles or basic headings
  • From any menu in a table, you can copy the table to your clipboard as CSV, HTML, or Markdown
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