How to Fold Sections in Bear

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Bear supports folding sections to help you view and edit your notes better. You can fold headings (H1-H6) and multi-level lists, including to-dos. There are multiple ways to fold a section:

Fold from Side Actions

Side Actions provide a quicker and easier way to fold sections with just one single click.


  • Move the cursor to the left side of the editor text
  • Folding chevrons for collapsible sections will appear
  • Click the chevron to toggle folding


  • Go to the more menu (⫶) on the top right in a note
  • Select “Toggle Side Actions” in the menu
  • Side Action icons will appear on the left side and remain visible
  • Tap the folding chevrons to toggle folding

Fold from Headers

You can fold heading sections from the header menu.


  • Click the Header icon next to the heading (H1-H6)
  • In the menu, select “Toggle Fold” to fold or collapse the section


  • In editing mode, move the caret into a heading
  • Tap the Header icon
  • Select “Fold > Toggle Fold” to fold or collapse the section

Fold Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Place the caret in the section you want to collapse, then use ⌘’ to quickly fold the section without your hands leaving the keyboard on Mac and iPad with external keyboard.

Fold from BIU Keyboard (iOS Only)

  • On iOS or iPadOS, tap the BIU icon at the top right of the keyboard
  • Tap the folding icon to toggle folding for the current section

Other Notes

  • You can fold and collapse all headers in a note at once from the header menu
  • You can always toggle off the Side Actions on iOS to hide the Side Action icons
  • You can also fold multi-level lists, including to-dos
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