Backup and Restore Your Notes in Bear

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Bear can backup all your notes in single .bear2bk file and quickly restore later.

If you have any encrypted notes with Bear Pro, they will also be saved in the backup in their encrypted form. To open or read these notes in Bear, you’ll need to know the password used to lock them.


Bear’s backup and restore features are under File -> Backup Notes… and Restore Backup.


Tap the more menu (⋮) at the top of the Sidebar and choose Backup all notes or Restore Backup.


When you restore a backup, all notes currently in Bear, including trashed notes, will be permanently deleted. The imported notes will take their place.

If you want to access your notes inside a backup file without restoring it, change the backup file’s extension from .bear2bk to .zip, then uncompress it. Inside the resulting folder, you will find a .textbundle file for each of your backed up notes.

This can be easily done on a Mac with the Finder or in Files on iOS.

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