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About free and Pro themes in Bear

We design bear to be a comfortable, beautiful place to write and collect notes. But because everyone likes to write a little differently, we include a growing selection of themes that change the mood and color of Bear’s text, styling, and background.

Some Bear themes are inspired by or based on the work of designers in the industry. Scroll down a bit to find credit and shoutouts to the muses for those themes.

Free themes

Bear offers a few themes for free. These should get most users started with the idea of changing Bear to suit the writing mood:

Pro themes

You can subscribe to Bear Pro to unlock over a dozen more themes, with more on the way. These include dark, light, and various color themes to fit all kinds of writing moods. There is also Dieci—Italian for “ten”—designed specifically for the iPhone X line and their unique, deep-black OLED displays.

Theme credits

The Shiny Frog team would like to thank the following designers and developers for inspiring some of our theme designs:

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