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How TagCons work in Bear

Bear enhances the tags you add to your notes with a feature we call TagCons: small, identifiable icons that appear next to tags in the Sidebar.

How it works

Bear has a growing library of TagCons, many which automatically appear next to popular tags like: writing, travel, business, games, ideas, and so on. Note: We cannot see your notes or tags. To build our list of popular tags with default TagCons assigned, we researched popular services like Twitter, Pinboard, Instagram, and others.

As of Bear 1.5, users can add or change the TagCon for any tag. Here’s how:


On iOS, here is how to access the TagCon picker:


On macOS, here is how to access the TagCon picker:

Sync TagCons between devices

To sync your TagCon choices between Bear on Mac, iPad, and iPhone, you’ll need Bear Pro. It unlocks sync (powered by iCloud), more export options, and a growing library of beautiful themes to customize your writing environment.

Display tagCons for another language

If you are using Bear in your mother language but you want to also use another language keywords set, you can add a second language to your operative system's preferred languages. For example, if you are using your operative system in Chinese and you want Bear to also display a special icon for #todo you can add English as second preferred language. This will make Bear display the same icon for both #todo and #计划任务.

Disable TagCons

If you want to display the standard # for all your tags, you can disable TagCons from Bear's preferences -> Themes -> Use Custom icons for Tags.

Do you have requests for more TagCons?

We’re Feel free to propose new TagCons or keywords, we always open to suggestions.

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