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MacOS Touch Bar Support

Bear supports Touch Bar making easier to execute the common tasks without having to remember keyboard shortcuts or the menu location of the commands.

The Touch Bar’s buttons are arranged depending on the currently selected element of Bear interface. You can think about it as having multiple Touch Bars, each optimized for your current task.

This Touch Bar shows the main buttons such as:

TIP: as you may notice, the “View Columns” and the “Go To” buttons have a little disclosure icon > on their right; every time you see that icon it means that this popover has the hold and drag functionality enabled. This allows you to hold the button and move your finger on the selected option without raising it, in order to select the option and automatically close the popover when you lift your finger.

Notes List

This Touch Bar keeps all the buttons of the previous one and adds some specific actions for the notes:

Notes Editor

Notes Editor Touch Bar adds the Style button and the most used formatting options:

Notes Editor with Predictive Text

When Predictive Text is enabled you still have access to the Style button with all the text formatting options available in Bear.

Styles for everyone! 🎉

During the edit of a note, all the styles are always reachable via the Styling button and are presented inside a Scrolling Touch Bar.

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