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Quickly add emoji to notes

As of Bear 1.7, you can quickly add emoji anywhere in a note with just a couple keystrokes. This works on Mac, iPad, and iPhone, and it’s useful for all kinds of notes, from journal entries and meeting minutes to making lists and headings stand out better.

To use Bear’s Emoji Autocomplete feature:

  1. Type a colon (:) anywhere in a note
  2. Type a couple letters of a feeling or object (try :laugh or :food or :work)
  3. Emoji Autocomplete will suggest emoji
  4. Tap or click the one you want. If a physical keyboard is available, you can use arrow keys and Return to select a suggestion

Emoji Autocomplete suggests built-in emoji based on their actual names (as listed in macOS and iOS), a library of aliases we added, and some fancy custom language magic.

For example: typing :lau will suggest laughing emoji, but also the emoji for Santa Claus, a laundry basket, and the flag of the island country Palau.

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