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Transfer notes with AirDrop

Apple’s AirDrop feature is an easy way to share your Bear notes with friends, coworkers, family, or just between your own devices. It’s easier and faster than using text messaging, thumb drives, or emailing files around.

You can learn more about AirDrop for Mac and AirDrop for iOS on Apple’s site.

Use AirDrop with Bear for iOS

On iPhone and iPad, make sure AirDrop is enabled and configured for either “Contacts only” or “Everyone.” Then, transferring a Bear note is easy:

This short video shows the whole prodedure:

Use AirDrop with Bear for Mac

You can also transfer to or from macOS by using the AirDrop tab in Finder. Save your notes as .bearnote files and drag&drop them to the destination device. When a file is transfered to macOS a double click on the file is required in order to import the note.

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