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iOS App Extension

Bear for iOS comes with an App Extension that makes it easy to collect text, links, photos, and files from other apps. To open the extension, simply press on the iOS share icon in every App which displays it and select the Bear icon from the top row.

If Bear is not listed in the application row, tap on the “More” button on the far right and make sure that the checkbox of Bear is enabled.

In the App Extension a dialog will preview the note and will show a few options. If you press Save a new note will be created, but you can also choose to Prepend To… or Append To… an existing note.

Web Page Content

Since version 1.1 is possible to grab web pages content from the iOS Extension. Once you have invoked the Bear Extension from your browser, select Web Page Content from the top menu and tap Save. Bear will then try to reach the web page and clip its content.

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