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Tools for Dyslexic People

Bear for Mac and iOS has some features that help with usage and legibility for visually impaired and Dyslexic people.

Mac options

The Open Dyslexic font

Under BearPreferencesEditor, we added a font called Open Dyslexic. This is an open-source typeface designed to increase readability for dyslexic readers. Also in the Editor preferences pane are options for font size, line height, and other settings which can make reading and writing notes less distracting.

A high contrast theme

For people with focus problems, we added a theme to BearPreferencesThemes called High Contrast. This theme is free to both Bear and Bear Pro users. It’s similar to the Red Graphite theme, but with a blue accent and more contrasting text colors.

Mac text to speech

You can use the standard macOS text-to-speech option on a note or selected text by going to EditSpeech in the menu bar.

iOS options

The Open Dyslexic font and high contrast theme

The Open Dyslexic font and High Contrast options described above can be found in SidebarSettings →, under Editor and Themes, respectively.

iOS text to speech

Bear gained a text-to-speech option in version 1.1 for iOS. Simply select some text and tap on the Speech option in the text menu. Or you can have an entire note read out loud by swiping left on a note in the Note List, then selecting More...Speech.

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